Personalized location services

Transform your audience’s indoor navigation experience with the world’s most advanced set of user-centric features.

Indoor map guide

Let starbeacon show you the way.

There’s more to starbeacon than just Indoor Navigation. Turn-by-turn Wayfinding guides your audience through every step of their journey with clear, step-by-step instructions. Auto re-routing helps them find the nearest path if they make a detour. Elevator mode provides an extra layer of accessibility so they can reach their destination without taking escalators.

AR navigation

The real world is your map.

Your audience can seamlessly transition between map view and a live view of their journey with starbeacon AR navigation simply by tilting the phone.

AR signage translation

Break through the language barrier at the speed of sight.

Your audience can instantly translate your indoor signage into the language of their choice. With starbeacon AR signage translation your audience can feel at home no matter where they come from.