Enterprise service solutions

Step up to the next evolution in building infrastructure and workforce management.
starbeacon helps you visually identify issues related to your venue and infrastructure and automate your workforce. starbeacon stores reports and location information that can be used to predict future trends and issues based on historical data, enabling you to make informed resource decisions about the future.

Accurately geotag concerning areas

Mobilize your workforce at the right time and place.

Keep track of your entire physical infrastructure on one screen. Identify, tag and report infrastructure issues, then allocate resources and assets across your facilities for maintenance and repairs. Your workforce receives tasks and content relevant to their current location so they can address issues in the most efficient manner.

Human resource & asset management

Visualize your workforce and improve workplace efficiency.

Manage and mobilize your workforce quickly and efficiently. Identify through visual heatmaps problems in customer spikes and assign the nearest free staff to address bottlenecks in your venue. Lower your staff downtime and increase operational efficiency.