starbeacon developer gives you the tools to develop apps with seamless indoor and outdoor mapping, location-based marketing, real time geo-tagging and Big Data analytics.

starbeacon Technology

Build your very own real-world, end-to-end solution with starbeacon.

starbeacon hardware and software solutions enable boundless possibilities to interact with smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Collect and place meaning with real-time location data to maximize your marketing opportunities.

Identify potential customers and track the amount of time they spend with your advertisements before automatically sending personalized offers to entice consumers.

Follow up with a precise and easy to use turn-by-turn navigation map to drive users to the business.

Users can redeem location-based offers and make mobile payments for a complete stress-free shopping experience.

starbeacon is developed with developers in mind.

starbeacon gives you the tools you need to jump into indoor navigation, no matter how large or small your needs may be.
Extensive, open APIs

starbeacon was built from the ground up to be integrated inside third-party apps.

The starbeacon API enables you to easily integrate starbeacon’s revolutionary feature set into your next killer app. We provide API guides, sample code and all the references you will need to integrate with our cloud-based backend.

starbeacon provides you with a fully-documented API library so you can develop your own unique location experience.

powerful SDK

If you’re looking for a full turnkey, out-of-the-box package, the starbeacon SDK contains all the tools you need to experiment with and build your very own location intelligent project.

Software- & hardware-agnostic

starbeacon works with both iOS and Android, providing you with the widest addressable mobile user audience. Its backend is web-enabled, so as long as you have a browser and an Internet connection, you can monitor and run your operations anywhere in the world.

starbeacon also plays along nicely with your hardware. As long as it’s Bluetooth, you can use the beacon hardware of your choice.

Unparalleled domain expertise

If you are interested in providing your business venue with starbeacon but lack a team of developers or in-house expertise, give us a call. starbeacon’s experts can guide you throughout the entire process and manage your entire project so that you can focus on your core business as you enter a new era in location-based navigation and contextualized messaging.

Best-of-breed hardware

starbeacon provides its own brand of Bluetooth-based hardware, powered by starbeacon’s proprietary firmware. Optimized for indoor location services, our hardware has a lifespan of up to 5 years battery life and is FCC and CE certified.